Ka & Preservation – Still Heir


Iron Age: KA & Roc Marciano

Ahh yes! The long awaited final video from KA’s epic album Grief Pedigree. Interestingly enough, the last video of the Grief Pedigree series happens to be a well calculated starting point for his project with fellow dart specialist Roc Marciano, the only feature on Grief Pedigree – as was Ka on Roc’s classic offering Marcberg.

In this video KA and Roc Marci spread their wings to what appears to be LA or at least the west coast judging by the scenery and graffiti styles. Bred in Brooklyn and Long Island respectively, the video is a testament to their commitment of releasing quality music and visuals wherever their Tims touch down.

Salute these 5 star generals when you see em.

Ka – Decisions.

The brother Ka continues to razzle, dazzle and amaze us with visuals from his recent classic album Grief Pedigree. Personally, I’ve been listening to the album since the day that I bought it from the man himself (fittingly in our beloved Brooklyn), and still haven’t gone a day without hearing it. Grief Pedigree is a slow, brooding, cold piece of art that seems to peel back a layer leading to warmth with every listen.

Methodical with his beat making and light years ahead of his counterparts when it comes to his skilled delivery of introspective and cryptic lyrics, the deliberate nature of his work is refreshing. Following the ad-libs alone can take you for a journey off of the main path.

The time that was spent writing, producing as well as mastering this album is very much appreciated by myself and his multinational and devoted fan base. The song sequencing is the icing on the cake that gives Grief Pedigree such a tight cinematic feel, which in turn lends itself to multiple listens.

Peep the new video to see exactly what I mean.

For the cd check the link below. Get the vinyl for the bonus cut. Also cd’s of his first album Iron Works are available on the site.  Ships worldwide.