Investigative Reports: Uptown Phenomenon part 3

The Competition

When I first started to research about the street drink called “Nutcracker”, I was also told of other drinks sold on the streets of Washington Heights and El Barrio called “Elmos”, “Cookie Monsters”, and “Finding Nemos”.

A few days ago, I found what may be The Mighty Nutcracker’s biggest foe. “Dog Water”.

Now, eventhough Dog Water is based on, and basically another version of Nutcracker, peep what the “creator” has to say.

“Dog Water™ was started in SPRING of 2001. While walking around the hood, I kept hearing about a drink called a Nutcracker. I was curious and wanted to know more. So, I spent a considerable amount of time talking to people and learning about mixed drinks. I also remembered what a big liquor company once told me about the making, blending and mixing of different types of liquors. As an entrepreneur, I understood the effort and risk of venturing into new territory. However, I decided to put my own spin on it. It took a lot of time, effort and other resources during the initial phase to mix, test, and sample until a premium beverage was arrived at. Dog Water™ was worth the plunge into uncharted waters. Try one today and enjoy one of the industry’s finest new mixed drink sensations.”

^^ Those sound like fighting words to me…

Anyway, we have seen that the “hood” is all-encompassing and there is room to coexist with the original. Both have been around over 7 years and are still kicking.

While Dog Water may not have the total appeal of the Nutcracker, they do seem to have a fanbase.

Where my dogs at?

Peep the flix below.

^^ Fatboy might just be drinking a lemon iced tea in that wonton soup cup, but he looks happy as hell. As do the people with the dog waters.

Nutcrackers and Dog Water.

Can it be that it was all so simple then?