News you can use.

I came across this great article that explains clearly why banks are quick to hit you with over draft fees but are slow to credit your account after a deposit.

Also, many people like Ike find this site looking for more information about the Hip Hop Illuminati (which I last spoke of here and here). I’ll personally be keeping it light on the subject for the moment, but Ike check this site for more on the topic.

Unless of course you want to give some serious thought into Jay-z’s new connection with the richest man in Russia. Will the Jiggaman cash out and leave his stake in the team or will he stay aligned with the billionaire and continue to increase his wealth and stature? Will the new ownership encourage Lebron and basketball fans alike to put their pyramids diamonds in the sky for the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets? Hmmm…

Moving along..

Speaking of world figures.. who knew that Libyan leader Moamar Khadaffi was such a firm believer in women’s equal rights? Why else would he keep a mob of female security guards around him?

Street Fighter 2 fan maybe?


Investigative Reports: Hip Hop Illuminati.

The Hip Hop Illuminati is alive and well folks. It seems like there is no way to avoid the influence it weilds.

We last spoke of the Hip Hop Illuminati here.

Take a look at a few recent examples of its constantly increasing influence.

#1: Rocawear Tshirt found in Kings Plaza Mall.  Brooklyn, Ny.

Jay-Z  is obviously very comfortable sharing his Illuminati messages through video, song as well as design.

#2.  I also stumbled across this piece (below) from Host Dym. He is known to be behind many forms of covert rap spray, and was once the grand architect behind the now defunct Whats up with that eye man?

Example #3:

We now have a TCK on Broadway Twitter of all things. How will this affect our standing in the underground? Only time will tell. Or you can just tell me as I try to figure this Twitter thing out.

Peace to Jay Smooth and Crazy Legs.