The Art Of Macking.

We last spoke of the International Game Advisor, Tariq Nasheed, here, here, here and here.

After having a successful New York lecture last month, King Flex is still laying the game down properly.


The Gold Digger Show part 4: The Finale

They saved the best parts of this roller coaster for last.

While Tariq didn’t take part in the casting process, he did the best with what was presented.

This pilot was actually paid for by Vh1, but Tariq owns the rights and is in talks to have another network pick it up. Can’t wait.

Smack my head moments:

0:51 HAHAHAHAHAHAH…thaaat funny? Not really

1:08 Cleanliness test..failed.

1:39 Not the most witty comback..Rrowwr..

2:06 Donald???? Damn, hommie.

2:41 Of course.

2:59 Wise man.

3:55 WTF??

4:40 Wise man.

5:25 Calm before the storm

6:04 Word.

7:11 Lmao! YES!

7:42 Ay yo, what happened to peace? Peaaaaceee.

7:77 Peace to the gods.

8:58 Imagine this news?? damn.

9:21 PCP?

9:26 Speed Dating!

9:58 Fin