Movie Time 2.

When it’s cold and snowing outside, it’s always good to catch up on some flix.

Movie #1: CITY OF MEN aka Cidade dos Homens.

I remember when Kel Dogs tried putting me on to the movie “City Of God” a few years ago. At first I wasn’t interested (kids with guns in Brazillian ghettos??), but when I saw the movie, I fell in love with it and have since watched it over 10 times. “City Of God” is basically about the trials and tribulations that children go through growing up in the favelas of Brazil. I was amazed at how well the actors, directors and scenery worked together to craft such a good story.

Kelly Kel then told me of the t.v. series in Brazil by the same people called “City Of Men”. It was released on dvd and it became one of my favorite t.v. shows. Most likely my only favorite with subtitles.

Which brings us to “Cidade dos Homens” the movie.

The Plot:

Two friends go from boys to men in Brazil. (as if it were that simple).

The Good:

One of my favorite t.v. shows as a movie! I can only imagine how hard it was for the producers to condense five seasons of a show into one movie, but they did a great job. It was way less violent than the “City Of God”, but there was no shortage of plot twists and turns. It’s one of those movies where once it seems like things are going in the right for the characters, fate shifts the momentum and makes you slap your forehead and shake your head.

The Bad:

Comming into adulthood in the middle of a gang turf war might be a little trying..

What I Learned:

When on the hunt for family truths, you’ll find more than skeletons in the closet.

Favorite Lines:

The movie’s in Portuguese…gimme a break.

Movie #2: DEATH RACE – [Unrated Edition].

This movie was recommended by a co-worker who didn’t remember the name of this movie, but I was able to figure it out. This was a remake of a movie called “Death Race 2000” which came out in 1975. This “Death Race” takes place in 2012(can you believe that’s only 3 years from now?).

The Plot:

The tough guy (Mr. Transporter aka Jason Statham) gets framed for his wife’s murder, locked up and is given an indecent proposal from the high heeled warden.

The Good:

This movie is basically a mixture of the movie “Fast an Furious” and tv show “OZ”, that’s always good in my book. Not to mention Natalie Martinez riding shotgun.

The Bad:

Getting laid off and arrested in the same day.

What I Learned:

When the warden tells all the guards to leave the room, don’t think you have the upper hand.

Favorite Lines:

Ames: “I’d like to talk to her a head of time..before the race”.

Gunner: “And I’d like a big titty girl to lick peanut butter off my toes, but it ain’t gonna happen”.

Movie #3: GRAN TORINO.

When this film came out, my boy Zero called me and told me that it was a must see. He said “It’s a little racist, but its all good”. I was like “Yeah, ok” and wasn’t really going to check for it, but since Zero got me to watch “Kung Fu Panda” (which we last spoke of here), I figured I’d give Clint’s flick a try.

The Plot:

Walt Kowalski aka Clint Eastwood adjusts to life after the death of his wife, the Koreans living in his neighborhood and the resentment of his children.

The Good:

Clint’s wit, scowl, grunts and groans (pause), dry humor and potty mouth.

The Bad:

The “bad guys”. Their dialogue was terrible..they almost killed the movie. Thank god they didn’t.

What I Learned:

I learned where to take someone if they need coaching on how to speak like a man.

Favorite Lines:

Father Janovich: “Why? Do you have a problem with me Mr. Kowalski?”

Kowalski: “You don’t wanna know”.

Father Janovich: “No, I do”.

Kowalski: “Well, I think you’re an overeducated 27 year old virgin, who likes to hold the hands of old ladies who are superstitious and promises them eternity” .


The Plot:

Will Smith aka Ben Thomas makes a big mistake and spends the rest of his life trying to make amends for it.

The Good:

Rosario Dawson and the cool jelly fish.

The Bad:

I didn’t really like this movie. It ranks up there with “The Blair Witch Project”. Its one of those movies that sucks but everyone is going to be like “Did you get it”? Its really a short story that gets dragged on forever.

What I Learned:

When you make mistakes try to fix em. (I’m reaching here..)

Favorite Lines:

When the credits were rolling.


Movie Time.

Caught up on some movies over the weekend. It felt good to see some of the new classics. I wasn’t expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised with all 3.

Movie #1. HANCOCK

The Good:

The movie was funny and creative enough to keep me into the story with enough edge to not be corny.

The Bad:

Do not call Hancock an ass hole in prison.

What I Learned:

Hancock reminds me a fireman. Instead of thanking the firemen for saving their property, many people just complain about what the firemen damaged while putting out the fire.

Favorite lines:

Lady: And I can smell that liquor on your breath.

Hancock: It’s cuz I’ve been drinking bitch.


The Good: After the good doctor (Dr. Garrigan) got sex in the first 5 mins. of the movie, I was like great, another Tarzan. I couldn’t be more wrong. Thats good, I think.

The Bad: When it was bad, it was really bad.  Just ask Campbell Amin’s mom. Wow.

What I Learned: When a dictator makes you his trusted advisor, you’ve just become his bitch.

Favorite Lines:

Idi Amin: I do not like the way that man looks at me.” “Do you think he looks at me strangely?

Dr. Garrigan: No. No, I can’t say that I’ve noticed.

Movie # 3: KUNG FU PANDA

The Good: This was the movie I had the lowest expectations for, but once big time hater Zero gave it the two thumbs up, I knew I had to watch it for sure.

It had great animation and a story that kept you locked in. It was inspired by some of my favorite movies of all time (Kung Fu Hustle, House Of Flying Daggers, Hero, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and The Jungle Book), so how could you go wrong?

The Bad: The bad guy is baaad!  Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good!

What I Learned: Nothing is an accident.

Favorite Lines:

Tai Lung: The Wuxi finger hold!

Po: Oh you know this hold?

Peace to Wry.