Investigative Reports: NYC Bag Lady.

We’ve all heard about New Yorks “Bright Lights-Big City” slogan.

Well what about “Big Stench-Bag Lady”? Thats right, the neighbor from hell.  Those of us who live in apartment buildings know what it’s like to have a neighbor who occasionally litters, doesn’t put garbage all the way down the chute or cooks foul smelling meals.

The NYC Bag lady tops them all.  She has a problem throwing things away. Especially bags. She has lots and lots of bags.

She’s amassed such a large “collection” of bags that her apartment now looks like a landfill, after an H-bomb went off and a hurricane hit.

The neighbors have complained tirelessly to local politicians and to the landlord, who finally threatened her with eviction if she didn’t have the place cleaned.

Some of those neighbors decided to document the clean up effort and share their living pain with the world.

Take a walk on the wild side:

Keep in mind. This place is not abandoned. She’s been living here for 20+ years!

The bathroom looks terrible and unused. So where did she go, when she had to um, go? Try Snapple bottles and then she tossed them in the corner.

Noooww you got a picture of the smell huh?

What more can we say about this woman’s apartment that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan? It looks bombed out and depleted.

For more on the NYC Bag lady, check out her out here:  nycbaglady