Rap is outta control: Marley Marl, Dj Kevy Kev, Pete Rock, DJ Premier


Ego Trippin.

Ahh the guys behind my favorite Hip Hop magazine are still making moves behind the scenes. Albums, books, movie screenings, etc, they stay busy.  It was hard to co-sign that White Rapper show, but if you read their Big Book Of Racism and the Big Book of Rap Lists, then maybe it’s easier to see the connection to the project. Although without that show, how would we have learned about the Ghetto Revival?

Peace to Sacha Jenkins. Saw him at the Piecebook Reloded signing at that spot on Church Ave, BK earlier this year. Chill dude.

Also peace to my cousin Shaun, Dek 2dx, Keo, Chino Byi, Ted Bawno, Solace and Payjay, UEND, and Meyhem Lauren.