Book Time.

So look what came in the mail today….

We last spoke about the book “Dancing with the devil” here.

As soon as I’m finished reading it, I will post up the review. You know I’m on the case.


“Bad Boy Till The Casket Drops”.

While the new movie NOTORIOUS is becoming an instant hood classic, Sean Combs must be on cloud 9 as everyone gets to see his role in taking a relatively unknown rapper, Biggie Smalls from rags to riches, while securing his own place in rap history.

The movie did a good job of showing the different aspects of Biggie’s life, while opening up other questions, especially about Puff. We’ve seen many sides of Puffy over the years since he’s such a public figure.

One side of Puff that has long been rumored, is his role as a “paper gangster” and as a “corporate thug” who uses his influence, knowledge, promise of riches and legal paperwork to entrap artists (allegedly), into terrible recording contracts in which he gets the lions share for their hard work.

We all remember the “Free The Lox” campaign and how that played out between 1998-2005.  How will he handle someone else from his camp that’s ready to air out his dirty laundry?

As a former ghost writer for Diddy and a Bad Boy recording artist, Mark Curry seems to have enough detergent to put Diddy’s dirt through the spin cycle, with his soon to be released book entitled “Dancing With The Devil”. Ouch.

Check out the first chapter of the book below as well as the video for a reminder of who Mark Curry is(the last rapper). This book is going to set off a lot of fire alarms with the heat he’s bringing for sure.

On a side note, check out what dream hampton and Charli Baltimore have to say about B.I.G. and the movie NOTORIOUS.

Investigative Reports: Uptown Phenomenon part 2

As I continue my search to find the origin and recipe of the drink “Nutcracker”, I’m told about a similar drink called The “Apollo”.

I’m also reminded of hood classics “Incredible Hulk” and “Thug Passion”

Hmm.. I think I’m on the right track.

Apollo = son of Zeus, and god of the intellect, the arts, prophecy, healing, and light.

Apollo Drink Recipe

Ingredients My Bar
3 1/2 oz Hpnotiq
1 oz Gold Rum
3 oz Bacardi Breezer Orange
1/2 can Monster energy drink
Apollo Directions
Pour the Bacardi and Gold Rum into a martini shaker with ice. Mix and when finished, place in glass without the ice. Add Hpnotiq and stir. After you have finished, pour in half of a can of orange monster. Once completed, add a yellow/green glowstick for a glowing sunlike effect. Enjoy!

Incredible Hulk Recipe.

1/4 oz Cognac image
3/4 oz Hpnotiq image
Green Hulk Directions
Pour Hpnotiq and cognac into a shot glass, watch as it turns green, and serve.


Nick Storm explains:

“When we launched Hpnotiq on the market we were throwing these parties in the Bronx and Brooklyn. There was one party at Justin’s [rap star P Diddy’s restaurant] where there were about 500 people. I noticed that all the women were drinking Hpnotiq but the guys weren’t so much, because they were saying that it was too fruity, it was blue and just seemed too girly for them. So the bartender Victor Alvarez had a brainstorm and poured Hennessy into it.” The drink turned green and was an instant hit. Not long after the party, Nick was hearing back from liquor stores that customers were coming in to buy the ingredients and were referring to the drink as “the Hulk.” That was when Heaven Hill decided to officially baptize the cocktail the Incredible Hulk. Once the movie was released it wasn’t long before the drink went mainstream. link.

Thug Passion Recipe.

This drink is referenced in the song “Thug Passion” by rapper 2Pac in which the ingredients are “alize and cristal”. Cristal is the brand name of a well-known Champagne produced by Louis Roederer, Since we don’t expect everyone to have $350 for a bottle, we listed generic Champagne.

2 oz Alize® liqueur

Shake ingredients over ice and serve.

It should be noted that in NYC, the Thug Passions were made Alize and Hennesy.

Anyway, peep Pac’s lyrics for his Thug Passion song. Funny as all hell.

I feel myself getting closer to they mysterious “Nutcracker” ingredients. I also hope to find out where the name came from.

Stay tuned.