Timeless Truth: Cold Wave

Salute to the brothers Solace and Oprime on another masterful video for their new project Cold Wave. Album artwork by Charlie Doves.



On Blast: Is it a Forrest Hills thing?

Don’t sell out. Or Jerms will put you on blast.

JS1 had some nice pieces rocking at Franklin K. Lane HS in the mid 1990’s. Glad to see his development as a true dj.

Watching this video, I caught the crazy flash back of graff writer VE One (RIP). We met during the “mandatory” writers bench aka community service many moons ago. Opinionated wasn’t even the word for him. He wore his thoughts and views on his sleeve.

At the time I hadn’t yet heard of him, but he was blabbing about who was good and who sucked, who was a jock and who was cool. I was like who are you?? lol.  About a week later, I found out as he went on a citywide  tear with his crew.

Peace to the kid, his memory lives on.

If the video doesn’t show,  you can view it here.

N.O.R.E Trains With the Bar-tendaz.

Peace to my man from Bk, Roe-Ones who put me on to the Bar-tendaz. They are pretty inspirational. We last spoke of them here.

A basic theory of theirs, is that if you can’t lift your own body weight, then you just have “mirror muscles”. It sounds simple, but it does make sense to me.

While I’ve always been athletic(kinda-sorta), over the past few years I haven’t been committed to any form of exercise year round. I normally start getting in shape in April before the summer basketball season.

Watching these guys makes me want to step my game up and hit the pull up bar throughout the winter.

Tired of being a fat boy, N.O.R.E. enlists the help of G.I.A.N.T. from the Bar-tendaz to help get him in shape.

Stay tuned for his Hip Hop version of the celebrity fit club.

Bonus Video:

Crackin The Concrete.

Thought you knew how to do push ups? Well, your push ups are for girlie-men.

Try these new versions to get in shape and to show off for the ladies.

Gangster Chronicles.

New interview with Curtis Scoon.  He’s a pretty interesting figure.

I’ve been reading about him for the past few years and his interviews always seem to amaze me. I learned the most about him while reading Ethan Brown’s book “Queens Reigns Supreme”.

Click Here to see his latest interview with Allhiphop.com, where he once again speaks on his role/non-role in the death of Jam Master Jay, the crack era in Queens Ny, as well the part he plays in Bet’s “American Gangster” tv series.

Also, if you like the two Cocaine Cowboys movies, check out the interviews with Charles Cosby (part 1, part 2) and Griselda Blanco’s youngest son, Michael Corleone (link).

Two eye opening interviews for sure.

Two turntables and a mic. JMJ RIP

Back from vacation! Did you miss me?

Thanks, missed you too.

It’s weird, I can’t say I’m “looking forward” to seeing this film, but Jam Master Jay was and is a major influence of mine. His death affected me greatly and I still have a hard time thinking about it.

Here’s the trailer for the documentary about his life and tragic passing.