New George Lucas Movie: Red Tails

Props to Mr. Lucas for giving the Star Wars treatment to such an important and exciting piece of American history. The story of the Tuskegee airmen in itself is a great tale of self-preservation in the face of global, as well as domestic adversity.

Flying high in the P-51’s are notable O.G.’s Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. alongside Tristan Wilds and Method Man plus many actors from the legendary t.v. show The Wire.

Learning that uncle George is a big fan of The Wire made me extremely happy as it shows that he’s keeping his ear to the street, so to speak. Not to mention, the familiar cast helps to bring a certain credibility to the film for youngsters who may have never heard about the great Tuskegee air fighters.

The release date is 1/20/12 and unless you’ve received an invite to the screening at the White House, take your wifey to see the flick so she’ll see that you’re stepping up your culture this year.

See you in line opening night.